There is a flat rate of Rp. 125,000.00 per half hour lesson (Rp. 187,500.00 per 45 min and Rp. 250,000.00 per 1 hour lesson). The payment of fees is to be forwarded directly to the tutors by the students or their parents.

Payment options

Fees can either be paid per 10 Lesson Cycle or for each individual lesson.

10 Lesson Cycle

If this option is chosen then the money for 10 lessons must be paid to the tutor on or before the third lesson in the cycle. At this time the student will be issued with a receipt of payment. The cycle has no connection with school terms or semesters and when the 10 lessons are completed then a new cycle commences.

Individual Lesson Payment

Fees for each individual lesson can be paid at the conclusion of each lesson. However, if this option is chosen, the money must be given at each lesson. No excuses are accepted. Should a student be unable to produce the fee for any lesson then they need to swap over to the 10 lesson cycle option and pay in advance.

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