Getting Started

Below is a list of instrumental/vocal tutors who teach private lessons in the music room and attached studios after school each day. To enter this program, please contact the tutors of the instrument/s your child would like to learn.

Issues should be discussed such as:

  • Lesson time, length and location (there are 4 studios in the music room)
  • Fee payment (there is a set rate which is published in the BIS Handbook)
  • The student’s prior musical experience Eg. Number of years studied, ABRSM Exams taken etc.
  • An outline of the program and any short or long term goals

If you have any trouble contacting a tutor or would like any further clarification please email Edward Andrews (Secondary) at or Ibu Isti (Primary) on

Tutors may also be contacted through Mr. Andrews upon request of the student or parent.

List of BIS Music Academy Tutors

Pak Nyoman – Drums / Guitar – 0812 460 7100

Ibu Stella – Piano & Singing -081913325280

Pak Drio – Clarinet / Saxophone – 081999397782

Mbak Astrid  – Piano – 0818173170 (currently full)

Pak Rainhard – Piano – 082324947689

Pak Doddy – Guitar / Bass – 0855 375 5055

Ibu Deborah – Violin / Viola / Cello – 081808955949

Rudolf Gilmore Perez – Guitar – 081238121360

Sony Bono – Guitar – 081999133211

Pak Hadi – Violin – 085361001621